4 Tips to Achieving a Healthy Summer Smile

4 Tips to Achieving a Healthy Summer Smile

It is difficult to believe that summer is here already! The new season ushers in plenty of fun and schedule changes as well.  However, just because we are increasing our time spent on sports, travelling, and outdoor fun doesn’t mean we can ignore our oral health habits. Summer, in fact, can be an excellent time to help your children review their habits to keep their teeth healthy year-round. Keep reading for some quick tips to help keep your family’s smiles bright and sparkling throughout the summer and into the future.

Stick with a routine

During the summer, it is easy to ignore our oral health. However, as your summer routines change, it is essential to ensure that your children’s oral health remains on track. To help you maintain your routine, think about creating a fun chart to help you keep track of your morning and night brushing in addition to daily flossing. Determine what rewards and/or schedules work the best for your family and then maintain them to help reduce the chances of developing dental problems in the future.

sugary drinks

Avoid sugary drinks and snacks

Whether you are relaxing on the beach or headed to the park, it can be very tempting to grab quick and easy snacks like cookies, animal crackers, fruit snacks, and chips. Although they can save time and are easy, they have lots of sugar added to them and over time can result in cavities and tooth decay. Instead, we recommend that you pack nuts, grapes, cheese cubes, and apple slices to keep your children energized throughout the day.

In terms of beverages, your best option is always water. Although children love the sweetness of sports drinks and juice, they also contain lots of unnecessary sugar and like adhere to their teeth and start eating away at the enamel. Also. if your children are being active and running around it is important for them to stay hydrated. The best beverage way to replenish fluids is to drink water. Make sure to take water with you when you are on the go and only drink sugary drinks in moderation and for special occasions.

Use mouth guards

If your kids play a summer sport, be sure to buy a mouth guard for them. Sports injuries frequently result in cut lips (if your child wears braces this injury can be worse), fractured tooth roots, and chipped or broken teeth. To help prevent those injuries that occur during contact sports such as soccer or football, encourage your kids to always use mouth guards.

back to school calendar

Schedule back-to-school appointments for your kids

When school ends, returning in the fall seems a really long time away. However, scheduling your children’s back-to-school appointments early will help to ensure a convenient appointment time is available and you will be able to lock a date in that works best for your schedule. Call and schedule all of your family’s upcoming dental appointments before your summer gets really busy!

If you have any questions regarding your family’s oral health, our Collins Bay Dental team is always very happy to help you. Contact us today. We really look forward to seeing you and your family soon!



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