7 Benefits of Saving Your Natural Tooth Instead of Having It Pulled

Pull it or Save it?

Anyone who has ever dealt with an infected tooth can attest to how painful and distracting it can be. A diseased tooth can cause so much pain that it’s difficult to focus on your normal daily activities. That is why so many people make the decision to pull the tooth and relieve the pain. But what if pulling your tooth wasn’t necessarily the best course of action? There are actually several benefits associated with saving the tooth if possible. Of course, the final decision is entirely yours. But it’s a good idea to familiarize yourself with the benefits of saving your tooth before committing.

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What Are the Benefits of Saving the Tooth?

Saving an infected tooth definitely seems like the more difficult of the two options. We decided to gather some information from dental professionals whose duties often include saving teeth.


A damaged tooth may not seem like a strong, reliable tooth, but natural teeth are always stronger than their synthetic counterparts. Even with all of today’s innovations in the production and maintenance of artificial teeth, they still fail to perform at the same level as natural teeth. As an added bonus, natural teeth are also much easier to maintain.


Shifting in the mouth is bad. Unfortunately, some shifting will occur anytime that you pull a tooth. The teeth on both sides of the pulled tooth are going to shift inward toward the gap. It’s not necessarily an immediate change. It can occur over the course of weeks, months, and years. The longer the shifting occurs the more noticeable it becomes. The shifting of teeth often leads to chronic toothaches and problems with chewing. It’s a set of problems that you want to avoid if possible.

Signs Of Aging

The loss of teeth often creates some of the most visible signs of aging. This is because removing a tooth also removes the underlying root structure from within the jawline. Similar to the gap between your teeth, this also creates a gap in the lower bone section. The shifting of bone causes an appearance of aging that is more common in seniors who have had multiple teeth pulled.

Confidence In Your Smile

Some of the benefits of keeping your tooth are purely mental. But that doesn’t make them any less important. If you tend to show your teeth when you smile you might feel less prone to do so if there is a visible gap. Many people who have their teeth pulled experience a significant loss of self-confidence. Having your natural tooth treated and repaired can help you keep your smile while dealing with the problem.

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Pain Reduction

The purpose of pulling a tooth is usually to eliminate the pain. Unfortunately, pulling a tooth often results in ongoing pain for days or weeks. By comparison, an infected tooth that is treated with a root canal will experience a reduction in pain very quickly.

Less Time at The Dentist’s Office

Who wants to spend several days at a dentist’s office? It’s not exactly a fun place to be. After pulling a tooth you’ll likely require several follow-up visits to correct cosmetic issues and prevent shifting. This means you could be visiting the dentist every week or month for some time.

More Affordable

It may seem like extracting is the simpler, more affordable option, but that is rarely the case. There are almost always additional procedures required and those procedures can get expensive. The alternative is to have it pulled and not replaced, but then you will be stuck with an unfortunate gap.

How Can an Infected Tooth Be Saved?

As you can see, there are a lot of benefits associated with saving your natural teeth rather than pulling them. But you may be wondering how it’s possible to save a tooth that is severely infected. In most cases, your dentist will perform a procedure known as a root canal. This procedure involves cleaning the inside of the tooth and removing the harmful infection. The hole in the tooth is plugged and then a crown is placed over the tooth. It will continue to function just as a normal tooth would.

When Should You Consider Extracting the Tooth?

Saving your natural teeth is generally the better idea, but you may find yourself in a situation where it is more beneficial to extract them instead. These are the cases where a standard root canal would not be a sufficient treatment. For example, if your tooth has been severely damaged after an accident. It may also be possible that the tooth has become too weak to support a root canal.

It’s best to discuss these options with your dentist. They can help cover the pros and cons of both options for your unique situation. If you have the final decision, then remember the benefits discussed above. It’s always best to save your natural tooth if it is capable of withstanding the procedure.

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