Activated Charcoal and Your Teeth

How Safe Are Charcoal Activated Products for Your Teeth?

Dentists have been getting asked the same questions regarding charcoal and charcoal products for dental hygiene. So just how safe are they? Are they just the latest fad?

Safety Concerns Regarding Charcoal on Teeth

Activated charcoal is a well-known element that has been used throughout the world in both cleaning and poisoning, however, it would seem that using it for one’s teeth just came out of the blue. For the most part, using charcoal for the cleaning of the teeth is safe however dentists do give a few precautions.

Most of the influencers you see using charcoal cleaning products use a charcoal product that is derived from coconut shells. However, charcoal can be made from a wide number of ingredients including coal, sawdust, bone char, petroleum as well as decomposed vegetable matter.

How Effective Is Charcoal Teeth Cleaning?

Dentists agree that activated charcoal will remove stains and toxin, however, it is a rather abrasive agent and dentists do not believe that the product should be used on a regular basis.

In fact, charcoal toothpaste should be used only sparingly, whereas a charcoal toothbrush may be used on a daily basis.

When you clean your teeth with pure activated charcoal prepare yourself for a messy ordeal that is going to involve quite a bit of cleaning. You can expect your entire mouth and tongue to turn black as well as everything in the nearby vicinity including your sink and clothing if you are not careful.

We would suggest that you use activated charcoal in the evening hours which allows you proper time to cleanse your mouth. You’ll be rather surprised at how the black gunk will penetrate, making cleanup essential. Additionally, activated charcoal toothpaste will get rather sticky requiring you to wash your mouth several times to get it fully clean.

Can I use charcoal products daily?

Medical and dental professionals do not recommend the use of charcoal products on a daily basis due to the fact that they can strip an enamel from the teeth which not only makes your teeth look stained but can also leave them very sensitive to hot and cold. Activated charcoal tends to whiten teeth like a magnet, it will pull all of the molecules that have caused stains to the charcoal and binds them.

Many experts believe that a finely ground activated charcoal is much softer on the teeth and will not have the same threat to enamel. However, it should be noted that using this type charcoal treatment may pose a serious risk to the gums. Dental experts say that charcoal has a tattoo like effect on the gums. If activated charcoal is used to often or an excessive manner, it can permanently stain the gums.

While there is little scientific research available in the use of activated charcoal it has received many positive reviews as to how effective it is. While the vast majority of dentist do not have any serious concerns, they do believe the product should be used only in moderation.

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