Allergies and Your Next Dentist Visit

Inform Your Dentist of Your Allergies

If you are looking to get the best dental care and advice from your dentist, there are certain key details that you should share with your oral hygiene specialist such as the last time you had and kept a dental appointment, your flossing habits and oral hygiene practices. One thing that most patients do not know is that just like when visiting a general practitioner, you should also inform your dentist if you are afflicted by allergies of any kind.

Here is the reason why …

Your allergies have a huge impact on your overall health and general well being. Informing your dentist of any allergic reactions you may have suffered when dealing with another dental practitioner or doctor will help your dentist to tailor your care package in such a way that you do not end up suffering from any harmful side effects during your appointment. For example, if there any items that you are allergic to at your dentist’s practice, they will get rid of the offending items prior to your visit to the practice to ensure your safety and well being. Additionally, your dentist will also add any information on allergens you provide to your medical file allowing them (and other health practitioners that you may visit in the future) to understand how to best offer you quality care in an environment where you will not be at risk of serious yet avoidable health scares.


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That said, below are five important allergies you should inform your dentist about before the actual date of your upcoming dental appointment.

Medication Allergies

Ensure that you inform your dentist if you are allergic to any drugs for example antibiotics like penicillin. Additionally, you should also inform your oral hygiene specialist if you are currently taking any medication. If your dentist understands the drugs that you allergic to, they will be able to identify alternative yet effective drugs that you can take should it be necessary. Further, the information you provide on your current prescriptions will help your dentist in choosing complimentary medications that will not react adversely with what you are currently taking.

Anesthetic Allergies

Some dental procedures cannot be carried out before you are given anesthesia to numb the pain and discomfort that will likely arise during the procedure. If you are allergic to local anesthesia, make sure to inform your dentist beforehand. This will give them the chance to choose suitable alternative anesthetics for your upcoming procedure.

Note that it is also important to inform your oral hygiene specialist if you have ever gotten allergic reactions after a dental or medical procedure – even if you are not sure what exactly caused the negative side effects. Based on the details you provide; your dentist will carry out the requisite research with a view of offering you top-notch dental care services in the safest conditions and environment possible.

Latex Allergies

Materials made of latex such as gloves are common fixtures in all dental and medical practices. If you suffer from a latex allergy, tell your dentist beforehand so that you are served in a latex-free environment.

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Food & Gluten Allergies

Some of the products found in dental practices contain trace amounts of gluten. If you suffer from a gluten allergy or you are allergic to any other type of food material, tell your dentist so that they can rid the allergens away from the practice before your arrival.

Metal Allergies

If you are allergic to any metals, ensure that your dentist knows so that they can avoid the metals in question when performing the dental procedures that you need.

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At Collins Bay Dental, our entire team of oral hygiene specialists will be listening keenly as you detail any allergies and/or allergic reactions you may have suffered from in the past. This is to enable us to provide you with the best dental care possible in a safe environment. On talking to our team, rest assured that we will tailor your dental experience to suit your specific needs.

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