How Various Beverages Affect Your Teeth

Protect your Teeth From Staining, Sensitivity, and Cavities

Your teeth take on more pressure than you may think. Almost everything that goes into your mouth has to come into contact with your teeth. Some beverages will make your mouth more acidic, causing sensitivity, staining, or even worse, cavities. Leading a healthy lifestyle and especially taking proper care of your oral health can help. One way to protect your teeth from staining, sensitivity, and cavities is by knowing and understanding how different beverages may be hurting your teeth.


Although enjoyed by many, soda contains compounds (acids and sugar) that are harmful to your teeth. The acids (phosphoric and citric acid) are known to weaken and wear down the enamel, while sugar makes the condition even worse. It is also worth noting that some sodas may contain more sugar than the recommended daily intake, all in one bottle. Limiting, or avoiding, soda, where possible, will go a long way in protecting your dental health.

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Fruit Juice

While fruit juice may be much healthier than soda, it still contains loads of sugar. Most of these are concentrated and may contain preservatives that can be harmful to your teeth, and especially the enamel. That said, you are better off enjoying a fresh fruit as compared to the fruit juice concentrate sold in stores. Consider diluting the fruit juice with more water if you can’t give it up.

Vegetable Juice

Vegetable juice is considerably healthier than fruit juice. You are, however, better off preparing your vegetable juice than buying from the stores. It would also be advisable to limit the number of fruits you use in your vegetable juice to keep sugar levels down. Spinach, kale, and other dark green veggies are some of the best vegetables you can use for a smoothie. These are loaded with calcium and vitamins essential for dental health, among other functions. Dark green vegetables also contain B vitamins too. These vitamins come in handy in improving a person’s immunity and in fighting gum disease. Carrots and apples would be a welcome addition to your vegetable juice.


While wine may be good for your health, dentists recommend red to white wine, and for a good reason. Red wine is less acidic than white wine, hence gentler on your teeth. The only issue with red wine is staining, which can be prevented by rinsing with fresh water soon after enjoying a glass of the same.


Some types of teas are beneficial for your dental health, while others can be destructive. An excellent example of good teas are brewed tea and green tea. Brewed tea has a pH slightly over 5.5 hence safe for your enamel. Green tea is also rich in nutrients that prevent tooth decay and promote gum health as well. Iced tea, on the other hand, may have pH levels as low as 2.5, hence acidic. Such acidity is enough to erode your otherwise strong and healthy enamel. Most iced teas are also served with generous amounts of sugar, another ingredient you should avoid for good oral health.

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Water is considered the best drink you can have. Some of the health benefits of water to your oral health include washing away acids, leftover food particles in the mouth, bacteria, and sugars. Simply having a glass of water helps restore the mouth’s normal pH. Drinking water also helps balance pH levels in the mouth by triggering increased production of saliva. Saliva is your teeth’s first line of defense against erosion.

Sparkling Water

Commonly believed to be safe, sparkling water packs more erosive potential than soda and orange juice. Sparkling water may have pH levels as low as 2.74. Such low pH levels make it dangerous for your oral health, hence not worth your time. Simply turning to pure water will save you some money and your teeth in the long run.


Most dentists will advise you to enjoy a glass of milk whenever possible. This is because milk packs plenty of calcium and casein. Calcium is essential for the development of healthy and strong teeth, while casein helps strengthen the enamel.  In addition to this, milk is rich in phosphorus, the mineral responsible for repairing and strengthening the tooth enamel. It comes particularly in handy if your teeth were exposed to acid.


Sports Drinks

Sports drinks are commonly advertised to contain minerals, vitamins, and energy required to keep you energized. What you don’t know is that some of these drinks contain more sugar than your regular bottle of soda. Many of these are also high in sodium as well. This makes it an unhealthy choice for anyone looking to improve his/her oral health and general health.

Get to know what ingredients are used in what you are drinking before putting them in your mouth.


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